Introducing Agápē Youth Movement

Agāpé Youth Movement is an exciting new venture we are happy to announce. It's been a long time coming and now it's finally here. It's going to be kicking off this month with our first group; we are teaming up with the martial arts super legends at Flow Martial Arts to get the kids into some self-defense and help them gain some confidence and structured mental and physical work out as they try a mini-seminar with Paulo head instructor at Flow. Jessica and James will be facilitating the group and we are hoping to have about 10-15 kids the group will be fun and relaxed and hopefully, the kids can get a lot out of this group we are also putting on pizza after the workshop so they don't go home hungry. To find out more about this venture visit the group's page on our website or to get involved give us a call or email on our contact page. 
Move with love and let your light shine through