Is Hemp the Ultimate Fabric for Beach Bags?

There is no question that hemp has stood the test of time, and there are countless, amazing reasons as to why this is so, but in this article, we are going to look at why we believe hemp is the perfect material for making beach bags: and why we chose hemp as the fabric for our own "Keli Bag". One of the main design criteria for the "Keli Bag", was to make it ideal for use as a beach bag. We have chosen three main properties that we think sets hemp apart, and makes it the number one fabric in the beach bag game. 

Firstly, hemp has a great natural resistance to UV light and heat, which is a major player in the deterioration process of fabrics that are used among the elements. The majority of time spent at the beach is in the sun, and in places like Australia, the sunlight can be extremely strong and damaging. Hemp has natural UV and heat resistant properties, making it ideal for the use as a beach bag.

The next reason is its natural resistance to mould and bacteria. Hemp is naturally resistant to mould and bacteria, due to its unique bio make up. The hemp plant has a fantastic, strong and resilient, structural and chemical make up. Some of the unique properties that give hemp its great reliance to mould and bacteria come in the form of, cannabinoids, alkaloids, and the bioactive and phenolic compounds of hemp lignin. In particular, the lignin in the hemp plant is exceptionally resilient to rot (lignin is a chemical found in plants that help to prevent the organism from rotting as well as adding tensile strength in barks). The resilience hemp has to mould, rot and bacteria is a very important aspect to consider when choosing the right fabric for making a beach bag. Obviously, the beach bag is going to be getting damp; this can cause mould and bad odours and eventually rot. Hemp does a great job of combating this problem, and it is for this very reason hemp has been the number one choice in the maritime industry for the making of ropes etc.

The third reason is the overall durability of hemp. There are other natural fabrics that have similar antibacterial properties to hemp, such as bamboo. But when it comes to overall strength and durability hemp is king. For example in ancient China bowstrings used to be made from bamboo fibre, until they discovered that hemp was much stronger, and the switch was made, and hemp soon became the fibre of choice in the of making such items that need high tensile strength.

And finally, it is hard to finish this article, on "reasons why hemp is the best material for making beach bags", without mentioning hemp's aesthetic qualities; just looking at hemp fabric invokes images of rolling dunes and cool sea breezes. Every time I see our "Keli Bag", I can't help but think of the beach. It looks as if it has grown out of a dune; it is totally at home on the beach.


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