Paper or Plastic?

Here at Agape Movement, we try to keep the amount of plastic used to a very bare minimum. Our founders, Jessica and James have both worked in the fashion and retail industry, and in that time they where both faced with how much plastic was actually used in the packaging and delivery process: It is hard to see a valid reason for using petroleum-based plastics for packaging when there are many other options. We feel it is not necessary, and we can do better.

 Almost all plastics are made from petroleum which comes from fossil oils. almost 40% of all packaging in Australia come from plastics, which come from fossil oils. the amount of resources and energy that goes into creating plastics from fossil oils is not sustainable, not to mention the amount of time those single-use plastics take to break down. The time it takes for oils to form naturally underground is unknown, but one thing that is known is it takes a very long time, much slower than the rate at which we are burning through this extremely valuable resource.

 Fossil oils are used for many things such as fuel for combustion engines and energy of all sorts, these uses are necessary at this point in time, and would take a huge transition to change, but to change from using plastics made from fossil oils to a more sustainable and eco-friendly alternative doesn't take much effort at all.   

 There are many alternatives out there, but at Agápē Movement, we love natural-looking products that is why when mailing our products to you we chose to protect our products by wrapping them in handmade recycled paper instead of plastic.   

 We source our paper from local businesses that would otherwise shred and put that paper in the recycling bin; instead, we bypass the middleman: recycle trucks, factories, production plants, and retail stores, etc, and take that paper directly from the source and create lovely handmade paper to wrap your beautiful products in. Once again we hope you appreciate the little details from Agape Movement that set us apart.