The Wil Helm Surf Board Bag

We have now released the Wilhelm surfboard slip, and they are live on our website. The slip fits regular performance boards, single fins, twin fins, quads, and fishes. The opening is wide and follows a fairly wide outline almost all the way up unto the nose, so the slip fits almost all board shapes. It is designed for boards that are shorter than 6'5

We refer to this bag as a slip because it is fairly slim and lightweight when empty. This is so it's easy to roll up and fairly small so you can keep in your car when it's not being used as it doesn't take up to much room. You can slip your board in after a surf even if its wet and sandy to keep your car nice and clean. This slip is made of durable vinyl so it can be hosed out easily without damaging the bag.

The vinyl we use is from recycled billboard signs that were otherwise destined for landfills. We save them and turn them into something handsome and useful.

Each slip has a unique design, artwork, or pattern on them, so no two slips are ever the same. You know you have something special and unique when you have a Wilhelm board slip. What's more, is all the profits we make from these board slips go towards helping out kinds in our community learn valuable skills through our Agápē Youth Movement initiative. to find out more about this initiative click here.