Hello & Welcome to Agápē Movement

Hello and welcome to Agape Movement. Agápē movement was founded and is run by Jessica and James, Selby. it is meant to be the light of simplicity in the dark Cassim of giant international corporations, and the endless web of global industry who's only concern is its shareholders, profit, and the bottom line. 

It is born out of a necessity for locally high-quality hand made Australian essentials for an active lifestyle. Agápē movement is much more than just good quality locally made essentials; it's about doing everything with the bigger picture in mind, looking after one's immediate environment in order to help the bigger picture: everyone and everything doing its job the best it can do, which in turn, is best for everyone.

our goal is to help others move through life with as little drag on the flow of things as possible, and do it in style: the timeless style that God intended, the type of style that reflects nature, the type of style which lets the inner you, out.

we hope you join us and we look forward to seeing you along the way, feel free to contact us, browse our website, check out our Instagram, and purchase our expanding range of high-quality products which are made with integrity through and through; products, you won't be disappointed

move with love and let your light shine through.