Agàpē Movement

Agape Movement



Agápē Movement represents life the way we believe it should be expressed; that is living in motion with the love of life.

Agápē: is one of the five Greek words that describe different forms of love. It is a unique word; its closest translation into English is love, but Agápē is much more than that.

It is a type of love that's only bias is for the furtherment of life itself; it has no preference regarding a person’s, wants, lusts or preferences. Agápē is a pure form of love unlike any of the other types that one may have for things such as work, hobbies or past times, lovers, family or friends. Agápē is more about seeing everything for what it really is, and not compromising on love for life. It is a pure form of love, which focuses on the essence of life; it is proactive and unadulterated.

Without life what else is there? This question alone illustrates our passion for Agápē. It is the expression of the innate essence of life, the force that allows us as humans to connect to anything and understand we are all part of the same dynamic, which is life. 

Movement: is the most integral aspect of life; without movement, which is in essence growth, there would be no life at all, there would be no sphere for anything. That being said, we believe that directing the inevitability of movement and growth in the path of Agápē is the most efficient form of life and therefore the perfect combination to build a meaningful and rewarding life: in other terms doing things right the first time, creates less wasted time and resources.

Our ethos at Agápē Movement is to make achieve this goal a little easier, by producing products and services that take into account the lives of both human beings and the environment, but at the same time not compromising on aesthetics and quality; life is a perfect balance of many different aspects, and we believe beauty is in the contrast and pairing of those aspects.