Agápē Youth Movement

Agápē Youth Movement is a new venture from Agápē Movement, aimed to improve the lives of children and youth.

The purpose of the venture is to aid the specific demographic in gaining valuable social, mental, and physical skills while providing a platform to build friendships with other individuals.

Ultimately our goal is for children to see society in a brighter way, as well as help promote positivity and confidence in their day to day life.

All groups will be run by qualified professionals in a fun, relaxed, safe environment, with reliable and relatable facilitators.

Agápē Youth Movement is a grass roots venture funded by Agápē Movement and the profits they make on sales from their online store. One hundred percent of the profits made from the Surf Board Slip sales goes directly towards funding Agápē Youth Movement. We also get help from volunteers, partnerships, and donations.

The type of activities include surfing, martial arts, yoga/stretching and mobility and other activities which promote positive activity and growth.

Our first proposed group is to run a beginners jiu jitsu and self defence workshop in January 2020 in collaboration with a local martial arts centre.

Our goal is to grow Agápē Youth Movement as much as we can so we can help as many youth as we can to be the best they can be and let there light shine through.

For more information on Agápē Youth Movement, how to become a partner or volunteer, or to make a donation please don’t hesitate to send us an email or give us a call.