The Founders

Agape Movement, The Founders, Agape Movement the Founders,

Jessica and James started Agāpè Movement to contrast the ever growing Machine of big business and mass produced products. The idea was to create a means by which people could purchase natural, and honestly produced, quality products, which are made to complement a traditional lifestyle that is in harmony with nature.

Jessica and James are siblings born in the early 1980s, who were raised in the beautifully rustic, small towns of the Richmond region, located on Australia's east coast. They were raised in somewhat of a nomadic life, and lived very closely with nature. Their younger years saw them living in cabins deep in the wonderful hinterlands, and on boats and caravans along the idyllic rivers and waterways of the Richmond region. Their playgrounds where tropical rainforests, creeks and streams, farms and beaches.

They lived a simple and humble life as children, in a loving family environment. Their parents had a significant influence on their lives, and always put a huge emphasis on doing things with honesty and integrity. The most prominent aspect of their childhood is how totally unique everything was, how nothing was ever generic. Their parents collected and sold antiques throughout their life, and almost everything they had was old and discarded, but seeing their father restoring or transforming these items into some kind of new and unique treasure was a priceless experience, and remains a fond and vivid memory to this day. They witnessed their father and his friends always creating, building or restoring anything you could think of, from each one of the many homes they lived in, be it on land or water, to furniture, bikes or cars, musical instruments or electronics: Everything was always unique.

Another aspect of Jessica's and James's lifestyle that seems to come from their parents is an adventurous and pioneering spirit; this appears to be shared by many Australians and is seemingly hereditary among many antipodeans. And the Selby siblings are carrying on this tradition in their own way.

As the two reached their late teens, staying true to their roots, they both went their separate ways and left Australia to see what the rest of the world had to offer; after traveling much of the world and then returning to Australia, a renewed appreciation for how much Australia has to offer was acquired, especially for the region they grew up in. They also noticed major changes happening, and how different things had become in the time they had been away, one significant change was the loss of local industry to foreign countries, many of which don't share the same standards and values that made Australia the great country it is today.

Jessica and James understand how lucky they are to live in a country like Australia, and appreciate the hard work and sacrifice our ancestors put into building the free and harmonious society we celebrate in Australia today. They believe that being part of the 25 million custodians of Australia comes with responsibility. A responsibility to do their part in promoting and preserving those traditional Australian values, as well as protecting this great land and all its creatures. Jessica and James believe keeping as much as the production process as local and natural as possible is an integral part of their commitment to the environment and Australian culture.

Jessica and James put their heart and soul into every part of Agápē Movement to create a product that Australians and anyone who appreciates quality and honesty can be proud of: something that represents the simple and rugged beauty of Australia, fused with the subtle elegance of European ingenuity and craftsmanship.

The inspiration behind Agápē Movement comes from the love of life, friends, family, and nature: The simplicity that was the embodiment of what Jessica and James see as the golden age of the Australian, Richmond region; Also the various diverse landscapes and rich cultures of Europe and the Americas. A deep emphasis on family and traditional values is also reflected in their work: values such as honesty, integrity, and not compromising on hard work or quality.

Jessica and James invite you to join them on their journey and hope you can find value in what they are doing.

Agape Movement, The founders, Agape Movement the founders